Important Alert

In light of the rising COVID-19 cases in Jefferson Parish, JPRD is continuing to take proactive measures to mitigate the impact of the virus at the playgrounds. Our commitment is to keep participants and spectators safe as we engage in the 2020 baseball and softball season. Our greatest challenge is to balance good fun and competition with protecting the health and wellbeing of all players, coaches and spectators. As our safety precautions evolve, it is vital that we all work together during the JPRD baseball and softball season. We ask everyone to adhere to the following guidelines...



JPRD staff must:

� wear a mask in public, especially when engaging in conversation;

ï�· follow the established cleaning protocols – disinfecting public spaces, including restrooms, door knobs, and stands;

ï�· mark off six feet social distancing with an ‘X’ in the concession stand line, benches, and bleachers; and

� mark off specified areas for spectators to watch the games.


Parents/guardians should: � help children understand the importance of social distancing and explain how to social distance during baseball/softball games and practices;

� arrive at the playground no earlier than 30 minutes before the start of a scheduled game or practice and leave immediately after the game or practice has ended;

� bring a bag chair, as bleachers will not be available;

� plan to attend the game with as few people as possible; and

� encourage spectators over the age of 65 and/or those with underlying health issues to wear a mask or stay home.


Participants should: � bring their own personal baseball/softball equipment;

� bring their own drinks; and

� keep their equipment in their bags when not in use.


Coaches should: � encourage social distancing by

ï�· creating a ‘no huddle’ coaching environment;

� communicating with and encouraging players in ways that do not include physical contact, hand shaking or high-fiving;

� wear a face covering when talking to participants and spectators; and

� use bleachers or other open areas instead of dugouts as waiting areas for players during games.


Thank you for your continued support.