Important Alert

GYM GUIDELINES for All Star Tournaments


This a reminder to please be aware of the rules I have posted. These are Jefferson Parish Recreation Department rules. They will be enforced at all Jefferson parish sites

Coaches you are expected to help disseminate and enforce these rules.  


1.            Only 1 Fan ie. Parent, grandparent, aunt, etc. is allowed per child playing in the games. 1 fans.only. Nosiblings can attend with the parent either. Coaches are excluded from our parent count and will be counted as staff.  Otherwise, there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule!

2.            Masks must be worn AT ALL TIMES. The only exception is active eating or drinking. This does not include a cup of water or coffee sitting next to a parent.

3.            There is 1 Entrance and 1 Exit. There is no going out through the entrance. No entering through the exit. Bathroom use is the only time the exit can be utilized for entry.

4.            After each game parents, children, and coaches must immediately exit the facility through the exit door. We are jam packed with games and have no allowance for time in between.

- You and your child must exit immediately following the game

5.            Teams waiting to play must stay outside of the gym. Teams are not allowed to enter until the other teams have finished playing and have left the gym.

6.            Players should be given their own water bottle for the game. There will be no communal water cooler.

7.            Players MUST wear masks when they are on the sidelines. Please provide a mask for your child

- Only when they are actively playing may they take off the masks.

- Assistant coaches are expected to enforce this on the sideline.

8. Coaches are required to wear their masks the entire time. If you notice issues with coaches please inform me or my staff

9. Please understand that all game dates and times are subject to change. We are in a flowing situation please bear with us

10. Please treat staff and coaches with respect and dignity as they are trying to do what is best for the children in our programs

11.Lack of adherence to any of these rules will result in removal from the gym



Soccer start dates 

Mondayy, February 1st 5:30 pm 9/10 Boys and Girls
Monday, February 1st 6:45 pm 11/12 Boys and Girls  
Monday, February 1st 8:00 pm 13-15 Boys and Girls  
Wednesday, February 3rd 5:00 pm 5/6 Boys and Girls 
Wednesday , February 3rd 6:15 pm 7/8 Boys and Girls 
Track and Field start date 

Tuesday, February 2nd 5:30 pm ages 5-17 Boys and Girls


Soccer and Track Registration Open--- CLICK HERE!

>>>>Please make sure to update your childs shirt size and provide an email for any necessary contact throughout all sporting seasons. <<<<<<<










Any questions?

Please call Pam Cresson

Jim Cresson Photographers

(504) 837-4859/(504) 554-6064









Jacob Martinez , Center Supervisor 

David Steeg, Girls Supervisor

Brian Lecompte, Assistant Supervisor

Judge Huhner, Night Supervisor