** Join The Booster Club - Membership Drive **

With the many families participating in the playground programs, the Lakeshore Boosters are encouraging our playground community to actively support and assist in the great things going on at Lakeshore Playground, both financially and by getting involved.  Through the new Membership Drive, we would like to invite friends of the playground, and especially parents of the children playing in recreational sports, to become a member of the Lakeshore Playground Booster Club.


As you have probably noticed, we have introduced several intiatives during the year and want to build on those actions.  The Booster's goal is to enhance everyone's experience at the playground, and our intention is to solicit and openly discuss ideas and opportunities to advance that goal.  As we work to implement and expand on these opportunities, we need volunteers that can help.  We would like to create a membership roll that we can call on to assist in projects, help with installations, and be there on the nights we offer food to the families.  We are passionate about growing the playground and hope this will encourage more people to get involved.


No Cost - Annual dues are $0.  Meetings will be held periodically at the playground during the year.  Please return this completed form  in a sealed envelope.  You may drop it off at the playground office or mail it in to the address listed above.




Lakeshore Playground Booster Club